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stealin_hearts's Journal

Stealing Hearts
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Sky is clearing.
Erotic and Beautiful.
This is a community for daily pictures of Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, The Brit Pack + Friends.
We're here to love these people and their prettiness together.
You can request pictures or people in the appropiate post, we will consider the person you requested and either post them or not (If we don't, we'll give a reason). Same goes if you want to sumbit something. If you do, you can PM one of the mods with your submission and you will see it posted following days.
1. NO BASHING. No bashing will be tolerated in this community, especially to the people we post pictures of.
2. RESPECT. Torwards your mods Natalia rp_ks_lova, Deb floatinsky, or members.
3. COMMENT. Discuss the pictures! Do not be shy here. This is no place to be shy.
4. MEMBERSHIP IS MODERATED. If we don't know you and you can't tell us why you want to be here. You won't. If we know you and we know you hate or aren't respectful, you won't be here either.
5. DON'T BRING YOUR DRAMA LAMA HERE. This is supposed to be a happy place. Dount bring drama.
6. SHIPPING. To avoid drama. Shipping two people does not mean 'OMG! I need them to be togeher in real life or I will die and rip my heart out' or 'I know they are together in real life'. It means 'I think these two people are amazing and their friendship is adorable' or 'I love this two people and they'd be pretty together'. Your mods are shippers, we allow both shippers and non-shippers, but do not hate and do not bring trouble.
Let me sign.
The filth you see is us.

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